Leo is a small lion
During the day, Leo usually looks out the window. He can see buildings and trees.
In the Spring, Leo can see flowers.
Leo can see the sky.
The sky is always changing.
Sometimes, Leo can see rainbows.
Sometimes, Leo can watch fireworks.
Leo is not bored. When he's by himself, he doesn't miss his friends. When his friends come to see him, he's glad to see them.
Leo is friends with Hermes.
Leo and Hermes visit each other.
Sometimes, Hermes and Leo look out the window together.
Leo and Hermes like each other.
Sometimes Leo and Hermes travel together.
Sometimes, Leo travels by himself.
When Hermes and Leo are not together, they can still feel each other.
Leo is also friends with beings who are harder to see.
He talks to them, though not always with words.
Leo is my friend.
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